Who do i have to kill to get rid of??


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Hmmm...no popups for me. What browser are you using? I'm running firefox with ad blocker plus. Haven't had a popup in months.


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That aint no danm pop up, It's at the top of the page and it's fukinanoying! Really, realy not cool. If you reload the page you get a quieter add.


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One of the most annoying adds here... and that one where the "smiley's" are talking to me. Don't post adds with sound PERIOD! It is really bothersome when you are listening to real music and have that damn buzzing overlaid on top of it!


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I was listening to Neubauten yesterday and I noticed a stray noise
Amazing how you can have a song full of jackhammers and grinders and think to yourself "Is that a hornet sound?"
I'm not as offended by the ad but it would be considerate if the ad gave you the opportunity to mute it
Of course, if you did click on a "mute" feature, the ad would just install spyware on your hard drive


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had a new experiance with it today, click to get away from it only to have the next page have it as well.

But its cool Greg, nice to know you actually read these things and care about the users opinions, most sites just decide "we don't serve your kind" and ban their users for not thinking that they owe some sort of life debt to the site for allowing them into their "club".