which sounds better aluminum shells or wooden shells:?


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For drum kit, I prefer wood. For other drums such as repiniques, I prefer metal. Wood is a classic sound that has no need to be a fad. I think this longevity is important.


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I think you are most likley talking about trick drums. If you have never heard them try to find a dealer close to you and have a listen. Very uniqe sounding drums. Also VERY EXPENSIVE. As we both know drum material is a personel preferance so you may perfure aluminum over wood and some else prefure maple over Birch. It's all about " your sound". You can get some KILLER finishes on the aluminum drums.


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i don't know if i'm right but,

i think that wood shells bring more warmth and resonance, yet aluminum shells bring a bright and poppy sound that cuts through the mix. i think aluminum would be good in a rock setting, and wood for probably a jazz setting.

that's just my opinion though


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You might think that Aluminum would be "bright and poppy", but you surely didn't get that opinion by playing a set of TRICK drums. People assume they will sound that way.

I suggest you give a set a good workout because the tone is amazing. Very warm and round sounding. The dynamic range is simply amazing. I play 'em, I love 'em and I recommend 'em...