Which rack should I go for? Gib vs ICON


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i've had 2 Gib's...and i endend up taking the measures i wanted and building a bigger rack using the regular racks as bases...and i have a fellow drummer who owns an ICON, because of the square features, he says it holds better, but im uber happy with my Gibraltar...


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I use just the front section of my Gibraltar rack.
I love it. People talk about the clamps and what not slipping... Haven't had a problem with it once.

Not too heavy, easily moved by two people.

Like I said I only use the front section and have 2 rack toms and have 6 cymbals mounted off of it.

The ICONS are nice as well, but realy heavy and I hear they are a big pain to move.

The Pearl DR-80 is nice as well, realy light, just not hight adjustable :(


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I went for the ICON because i knew what setup i wanted and as its pretty damned big that was the best way for me to go really, the square tubing, clamps etc are really easy to use and wont move a muscle so its all good really.
I prefer stands for a smaller setup but i've got like 20+ cymbals round my rig so i needed a rack that i knew would hold.


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i have both the gibraltar and a straight icon rack..... i have to say that i like the icon a little better....i'ts lighter and to tear down all i have to do is fold it and throw it in the truck.
Man, I just switched to the ICON and love it !!! Pearls hardware kicks ass! It's great for road use, it won't slip or twist during sets and I think it's cheaper man, I can't say enough about the ICON.

I gotta add something to my statement,

Pearl has designed their boom arms to have a ball swivel at the tip of the boom! Someone was thinking when they made this thing.

You get unparalleled positioning with these booms, and, might I add these booms come equiped with Pearls quick release cymbal holders that pop off so quickly it's sick!! It's great for getting on and off stage quickly.

Thank God for great the great design that Pearl hardware is.

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I recently bought the ICON curved. I've had the round kind before (not Gibralter) and had problems with it slipping (wuss has nothing to do with it, i bench 300 lbs.) I haven't used the ICON rack live yet, this thursday will be the first. I like the square tubing and haven't found a negative about it yet. I'll give you an update and some pics from thursday's gig.


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I went the cheap way and used conduit from the hardware store! Just bring in a clamp so you you get the right size. A good coat of spray paint to match your drums and you have a custom rack for less than the off the shelf price! Check the used drum shops or eBay for clamps, but the pipe, square or round might be a lot cheaper at the building supply store


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I'm going to tell you to go with the Icon because of its heavy square tubing construction and because its made by pearl!