Which one should I get?


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i've had experience with the iron cobra, and its a good pedal. the only con is that you need to oil the chain up every month or so if you are a daily player.


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To me they look like they are basically the same pedal, with very similar features. But if I'm not mistaken the Cobras come with a case. Selling point for me right there.


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Iron cobra. I had one for 2 years and it's a pretty good pedal. takes alittle while to get the spring tension dialed in though.


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That's tough. The Iron Cobra Jrs are baller lookin with that new silver finish and they come with a case. Never played one but Ive heard good things. The con to me is that they're single chain. Ive played the Gibraltars numerous times (my brother owns that same dbl pedal) and it's really smooth and responsive. Only con there is that the stock beaters are somewhat clunky and heavy, swap em out with self aligning Gibraltars and youre set. My vote is on the Gibraltar.