Which drummer would you like to get a drum lesson from?

dave lynch

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DRUMSMYWIFE":2gmmdkcz said:
For me, maybe like Steve Gadd or Dave Weckl, Steve Smith.
Gimme those three guys and I think that would just about do it..haha...It would be nice to add Buddy Rich, but I'll have to wait for the big show in the sky for that..LOL

Lancelot Frosty

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I'm a huge Portnoy fan, so he's one...
Gadd, no doubt. He's a genius.
And I like Mike Terrana's style too.
Meh... I could go on.


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How about go and take a lesson with a local instructor right now and expand your horizons?

You'd be surprised what you could learn in 1/2 hr-1hr.


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As many of the big names as I could!! Off the top of my head...Lang, Smith, Colaiuta, Garabaldi....hmmm....so many choices.


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1. Daniel Erlandsson (Arch Enemy)
2. David Garibaldi
3. Thomas Lang (just to learn some of the 4-way independence and stick tricks)


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Neil Peart definitely or Chris Adler hard to choose... Neil just has GREAT skill in everything but Chris is one of my Favorite metal drummers ah hell I choose both.