Which drummer has the best sounding drums?


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Post drummers or albums with the best drum sound!

I love the sound of Shannon Larkin of Godsmack!


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I hate to be saying the same albums on and on but...
10,000 Days, Lateralus, Aenima... ;)


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All drummers have a great sound as long as it is unique for them :)
My favourites are
Peter Erskine for jazz
Chris Adler for metal(great kick sound, toms tuned a little bit too low though)
There are many others- Joey has a nice sound, Weckl has na wery fat sound on his regular set, Stanton Moore has veeery nice funky sound (snare is the best) etc etc.


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Just so you know, any album that has been recorded in the last 10 years is probably triggered. So what you hear is a mix between the actual drum and the trigger. Very few albums have natural drums anymore.


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Gary James of Thunder on the Laughing on Judgement Day Album (their 2nd) . Which was recorded way back in 1990(ish) The tones and sound coming off the kit on "Low Life In High Places" is superb. I reccomend to all of you to search for that song as it sounds to me that there is nothing more than a bit of reverb on that kit when it was recorded.



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wil calhoun-living coulour-times up
mike portnoy-falling into infinity..he actually used 2 kits in recording of this .. 8)
herb alexander-pork soda


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Massivivid- Drop
Might be hard to find as thay stoped playing bace in 2001-2002 and didnt have a giant folowing. they did hoever win multiple awords.

New Order - turn
Singles CD2
other than the snare sounds a little flat.



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I think the best sound I've ever heard out of recorded drums would be Steve Jocz's of Sum 41. Great compression and great tone. But the best live sound I'd say Adler has it.


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Chad Sexton - 311 "Transistor"

Sammy J Watson - Apex Theory "Topsy Turvy"

Abe Cunningham - Deftones "Around The Fur"

Taylor Hawkins - Foo Fighters "Colour and The Shape"

Tre Cool - Green Day "Insomniac"

Lars Ulrich - Metallica "Black Album"

Vinnie Paul - Everything Pantera Has Ever Done!

Dave Buckner - Papa Roach "Infest"

Also: I feel like it doesn't matter whether or not the drum sounds on an album are triggered or not. If they sound good, they sound good. Obviously, acoustic, untriggered drum sounds are ideal, but c'mon... Unless you're signed to a major label and have a ridiculous budget, that's not gonna happen.