Which drum to buy?


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So i managed to save up about £600 with help from birthday money and christmas money combined! :D

I had already been looking around the internet and asking friends which electronic drum kit would be best to buy. Finally i came up with 3 names:

Yamaha dtxpress IV

Yamaha dtxplorer

Roland V-drum TD-3KW

I was wondering if anybody could help me choose between the 3 and compare them, the quality, how they play and so on, value for money? :)

thanks for your time :D


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i would say the roland TD-3kw. It is good for a entry level E kit. If you want yahmaha go with the dtxpress IV..I wouldn't go with dtxplorer..The pads are very unresponsive and kit has trigger problems...At least from my experience..If the Roland is in your price range, that would be the best bet for the $$ in my opinion.