Which cymbals are making these sounds???


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The sound that first shows up at 4:13, it has a "KAW" sound. I think its a china. Thought it was an 18" Oriental Trash, but they dont sound anything like that.

A very similar sound is heard at 3:16 here, I'd love to have either sound. I have a wide array of cymbal effects, but none of them give me this sound :( Any help would be greatly appreciated


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It's a china. It's hard to say what brand/size because Lars has been known to use other brands in the studio besides Zildjian.


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16" or 18" china more than likely. From what I've been told on here gives your a quickly decaying china and from what I've seen live give that sound that is your best bet.

The Metallica clip actually sounds more like stacked chinas probably a 14" on top of a 16" or 16" on a 18"....mounted inverted using a hi-hat clamp. gives that 'clenched' sound but has more sustain than if you actually used your hand....obviously.

That Italian "VAdrummer" or "VAdrum" guy that gets brought up on here from time to time has one or two setups similar to it in nearly all his videos. One is a 2x 15" china stack....the other is the aforementioned staggered china stack. Youtube VAdrum and watch a clip, you'll see, and hear, probably exactly what you're looking for.