Where does your musical talent come from?


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I have often wondered where my Brother and I get our musical talent from. I can't say that I am aware of ANY relatives that have any musical background at all. Mom and Pop don't play an instrument and you don't want to hear Pop sing! Where do you guys get your talent or backgroung in music from? Peace!

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the only thing i recieved from my mom was red hair, and the only thing i recieved from my dad was narcicism. my sister and i are the only musicians, both starting with piano and both being completely organic in our studies. no lessons, just hanging out at an old music shop and playing all of the instruments.


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My uncle is a drummer, and my 2 other uncles are guitarists and they had their own band for a while.

Mainly I get my style from my teacher or the drummers I listen to.


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Real talent is rare, like Buddy Rich, and rarely developed. Skill is earned and is probably more valuable, since it's usually applicable to many things.


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mostly my dad, he used to drum alot when he was playing with stiv bators solo.
i dont know how to read music, never really have, i just taught myself everything i know...and alot of people have told me im a really good drummer, so i guess having a dad as a drummer really payed off.


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i dunno what you wanna call it but i play by ear. my parents aren't very musically talented rather than the fact that they both sing; not too well, but sing non the less. i'm an all around musician but most of it comes from a lot of free time and a good ear ^^;;


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My mom's side has no musical background, but my grandma from my dad's side played spanish guitar, while my dad can sing really well and used to play the bongos in a Latin band in Vegas back in the day. My uncle from my dad's side was also good at hand drums. He made them too! I have been the first to pickup on the kit.


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dont know just love music and love drums listen to music all the time ,even at work. use to fall asleep to it. my two girls pick it up natuarlly too


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I don't have any.

I can imitate almost anything (that i'm capable of playing, and with time and learn the technique to imitate it), but i seem to have trouble creating original ideas.

Granted, i'm improving greatly since i started, but i'm still lacking in that area.

No one i jam with complains, though. =)

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My mom has no musical talent but my dad plays guitar and sings decently. He got me started on piano and then I just moved to drums, on my own, and went from there. I guess my inclination and any talent I possess come from him.


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I got everything from my mom who used to dance with me on ABBA when I was a little baby. She then introduced me to classic guitar cause she was playing it and also the piano....


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my dads a guitarist and bassist, and was a drummer though his younger days. so mostly there. other than that pactice practice practice


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My dad taught himself how to play guitar when he was about 12 years old and I think hes 50 now, he messed up his hands in the 70s and had to teach himself how to play drums (he was fully independent off playing music). I play guitar and bass and have since I was 12, seriously anyways, and Im 19 now. When I was about 16 or 17 I noticed a shortage of drummers so I bought a Pearl Export Fusion kit, and some Sabians and shit to get me going and started playing drums. Id say Ive progressed a lot in such a short time, looking back on old videos of me.. Im all self taught on every instrument that I play. My dad wouldnt teach me guitar, he didnt want me to copy/steal his style. Playing drums, I just listened to my favorite bands and played them by ear and practiced drumming with CDs and shit.


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My dad is a band director, so...and my mom always helped out with the marching band...that is where it really started...other than that, it has been from practicing and various teachers.


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My Dads a guitarist, he taught himself and has been playing for all my life, and thats 18 and the other years before that!

But no-ones a drummer in my family, just me! :eek:


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my unlcles on my mams side were drummers one was a drummer in a band called Girl...dont know if any of you remember them.
then my dad and all his bros play the guitar and bass so i guess thats were i get mine from....also listening to likes of Bonham and buddy rich.