When hitting the Games Consuls

If you had to decide what would you go for?

  • Rainbowsix Vegas baby!!!

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  • I love Call of Duty 4

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what do you mean by, "not hitting things?"

well i was a huge cod4 person, until i bought vegas 1 from my friend, then recently bought vegas 2
i havent played cod4 in a long time


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Bioshock. :twisted:

There's a movie coming out, and Bioshock 2 is going to be great.

I'm not much on Rainbow 6, but CoD4 was really good I thought.


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Vegas (especially the 2nd one) stole alot of the playability from COD4. But Vegas seriously improved on COD4's flaws.

....Halo3 still kicks more ass tho


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call of duty 4 all the way baby. definately an awesome game. I just have a question though. on the epilogue mission is that captain price and gaz's voices I here before you drop into the plane? cause on the last mission it shows them getting shot.


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No time for this. Gotta go to my kids baseball game. Wait when I did have time I'd rather be playing drums or loving the ladies. Guitar hero is not playing the guitar and these games are not stealing cars, killing Nazis or whatever. Plenty of real shit going on. Reality disconect, we all need it at times.