When did you upgrade to a better set?


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I was wondering what drumset you guys all started out with and how long it took to make you feel ready for a better one?


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I started of with a "Hollywood" Drumset, with 6,5 x 14" snare, 12" x 10" tom, and 16" x 16" floor tom plus paiste 2002 hi hat and a ride cymbal. This was probably around 1975/76.
I added a lot of (mainly very crappy) drums over the years, all different (and cheap) stuff. During this period I also tried out roto-toms.

In 1983, I bought 8 - eight Yamaha 5000 (?) toms with no bottom rims on any of the toms. It contained 6", 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 15" and 16" toms, plus a Tama Royal star set containing two 22" Bass drums, a snare, and 12" and 13" toms, plus 16" floor tom. I hade some 5 or 6 cymbals, mainly paiste. AND I USED IT ALL!

In 1985 I bought 10 new cymbals, all Zildjians, manly "A", "K" and "Rude" series.

In 1990 I finaly got my rolls royce witch I still have;

Yamaha 9000 Recording Series.
2 bass drums, 22" x 16"
1 snare drum, 14 x 8"
10" x 10", 12" x 10" and 14" x 12" toms
2 floor toms, 16" x 16" and 18" x 16".
Added to this, I also bought a Pearl Free Floating system 14" x 5".

Cymbals are still Zildjians, but obviously they change constantly, as I break them all the time...

This was my first "proper set".


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well, my first kit was the cheap yamaha electronic kit that was like 900 bucks or something along those lines, and i then decided to by my acoustic Pearl Export kit (which i still have) because not only did it look better, but the sensors on my electric kit wore off. and i've had my Pearl kit now ever since (about 4yrs) and i have thought about buying a pearl reference series kit or a tamakit, but my export now sounds great now, and 100 times better than when i first started upgrading it. but because i get bored with things fast, ill prolly buy a second kit as soon as i get the dough.


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ha i just went from a pulse 5 peice added a tom a gibralter double bass pedal firecracker snare and b8 cymbals and sold it all off for 350 to buy my 4 peice frx kit for 400 it read great reviews and its birch so i got it and i highly doubt i'll be replacing it anytime soon it sings and its great to move around with im using a lot of my friends stuff and my churches like cymbals and pedal but i'll be adding on quite soon


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i got my tama kit 3 years ago and have had it ever since. ive upgraded the cymbals more than once and i got a new snare, good kick pedal, new throne and am now desperately in need of new heads (birthday in a couple weeks...hoping for some skins).


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i was just starting 6th grade...my parents said yes to getting a drumset but it had to be cheap..and cheap it was...i paid exactly 125 dollars for a 4 piece drumset,no snare stand,no kick pedal,three cymbals with no name brand logo on them,no hi hat stands,no cymbal stands...it was silver sparkle,no idead what make cause the previous owner had peeled off all the badges for some reason,it had a 12 rack,14 floor and 20 bass....in 8th grade i saved enough money to buy two stands,a hi hat stand and a camco bass drum pedal,in 10th grade i got a job bought me some aax fast hats,a 20 stage ride and two aaxplosion cymbals along with a dw 9000 pedal,i took off all the hardware,wrapped it in green snake skin vinyl and was happy as shit....then last year i peeled off the vinyl painted it black with white lugs....and then 4 weeks ago i got approved for a preferd players card from guitar center and bought a ddrum diablo set...now i know its not a dw or a yamaha but man...after playing the same crappy set for 12 years or so and then finally buy a new set.....cant explain it....and they are surprisingly top quality...ive got a 12 rack a 15 and 16 floor with a 14x7 snare and a 10x5 piccolo snare....and boy do they sound fantastic...p.s. i still have and love my aax fast hats but sadly my aaxplosions and my stage ride have cracked and have been replaced with paiste dimensions all around.....they sound good too but i think i should have stuck to sabian....but i thought...new drums new cymbals...so ya


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I kept polishing my original turd of a set till it got unusable. I took it on the road for about 4 years before the road got to it's old age. My second upgrade lasted 3 years, but my last upgrade is the one I still have, and they were made in 94. Of course they don't travel as much, but those maple shells hold up well 8)

Rob the Drummer

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My first set was a '65 slingerland pink champagne sparkle kit that I bought off a kid for $40.00! It was a 4 piece and I ended up getting a Pearl Prestige Session kit after a couple years. I let my friend use the Slingerland until he could afford a new kit. Then I eventually got the DW from a guy that wanted to trade it for my motorcycle. So I did that a year and a half ago. I ended up selling the Slingerland and the Prestige on ebay. :D Should have kept the snare for the Slingerland.


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for a few years i didn't have a kit, because of money problems, so i was staying behind after school to practice. Then i got a flats arbiter kit, which was cool for practice, then a few years later i got a Yamaha DTXpress II. Now i've got a secong hand kit consisting of an Ajax bassdrum and rack tom (20" and 12") a premier beverly snare (14") and a pearl export floortom (16"), with pearl hardware and sabian xs20 cymbals. Oh and a janus double kick pedal. that was over a space pf about 8/9 years.
anyone got an Ajax floor tom theyre willing to part with btw?


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I must say I haven't even heard of Ajax drums... so I can't help you :( Have you checked ebay?


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yeah man, no floor toms:|
im pretty gutted, because the sound and finish of the two drums i have are great, but nobody seems to have a floor tom, and Ajax have been out of buisness for decades:(


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Haha, Ajax drums.

What a great name, sound like a cleanser though... :wink:

Seriously, I know there are plenty of information on the internet, and I enclose some links.

I beleve Ajax drum factory were at it's "prime" in the 1920's - 1930's, maybe longer. Even so;

Ajax came from the well knovn Hawkes & Son aka Boosey aka Boosey & Hawkes (witch exists to this day) drum company. From the sixtees, they were also known for their "English" Rodgers kits.

Ajax were the name of their first drums, that - besides "vintage" - doesn't say a lot, does it? :?
Or how many can seriously say "I know a great drum kit from the 20's"? That's Jura-time, baby...
I found out that they'd actually made the Ajax drums up 'til 1970, but I must confess I only heard of the "Old School" from the 20's, manly because of reading.

I will say that there were quite a few drum manufactorers in the old days, so just because things are "old", "vintage", etc., doesn't always mean they are "good"... :wink:

Anyway; The links! 8)



http://www.classicdrummer.com/archives/ ... 20drums%22

Did they make floor-toms?
Yes! :D

(Loads of rubbish here from me, I still hope you find some of the information useful!)


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2 months ago, upgraded from a pearl export series to a Pearl Sessions Studio SMB - Tobacco Sunburst finish with Ziljian cymbals: 14"mastersound hats, 21" rock ryde, 19" projection cras, 17" medium thin crash..im waiting for my Oriental China to arrive. This kit is great for recording!!


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I started on a MX1000 set back when I was 8 (27 now). I think that line was changed a couple of years later to CB700

When I turned 16, my grandfather surprised me with a brand new 6-piece Ivory Marble Ludwig Classic Maple kit.

Since I have so much sentimental value in that kit, I sent it home 2 years ago because I was banging it up going back & forth to local gigs all the time.

My latest (probably not my last) kit is a 7 piece Yamaha Recording Custom kit. I purchased it when I send the Ludwig's home.

What's funny, is I have more great memories and I made FAR more money playing that MX1000 kit than both of the nicer kits combined.


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bought my first kit when I was 13, its a 70s ish blue oyster Pearl kit. still have it and they sound great... my gig kit though is a 80ish Pearl Export Pro set that I got cheap and did a lot of work on them .. someday... Reference Series Baby!!!


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Ajax4":23vtpma1 said:
yeah man, no floor toms:|
im pretty gutted, because the sound and finish of the two drums i have are great, but nobody seems to have a floor tom, and Ajax have been out of buisness for decades:(
In case you're still with us, thought I'd tell you that there is an Ajax snare drum for sale on http://www.annonsdirekt.se (Swedish music web site).

The Item in question can be watched here:

http://www.annonsdirekt.se/asp/sektione ... =8&sekt=13

I don't know what you concider a fair price, but 2500 Swedish Kronor is in the neighbourhood of $350. Whether you regard this a fair price or not, is not up to me to decide.
Also you can always try to move the price downwards.

Just thought I'd tell you! :D


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Hmmmmmm. I have always played good sets. I started on a Ludwig, I played them for years. I have had 2 of them. I had one low end kit, I had broke my hip and stopped playing for 2 years. But I came back with a TAMA Starclassic. I looked over DW's, Pearl, Mapex, Yamaha. But I went with the TAMA. It was the best choice I think. This kit just ROCKS! It has a fully custom color. I think I will stay with it. But, I didn't care for the Iron Cobra pedals, and settled on Pearls P-2002B PowerShifter Eliminator Double Pedal. It is fast, quiet, and with the Interchangeable Cam System, is 4 pedals in one. So, before ya buy, try them out. Pit them side by side with DW's 5000 or 9000. Both are great pedals. :twisted:


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I started out with a Pearl Forum series back in 2000 which came with a 5.5 x 14 snare, 12" and 13" tom toms, 16" floor tom, a 22" bass drum, 14" Pearl hi hats, and an 18" Pearl crash/ride cymbal. It was nice to start out with. After a few years of playing with that I started to and more stuff to it. Now I have added Tama 8" and 10" toms, a 14" Pearl floor tom, a Pearl Double-bass pedal, 2 16" Zildjan A series Medium crashes, a World Percussion Lyon Cymbal, a 8" Zildjan splash, and a few other random things (i.e. cowbells for fun, chimes, and triangles).