When did the bug bite you?


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I would like to hear about the moment that inspired you to become a musician, however strange or obscure the story. Mine goes like this...

I grew up in the DC metro area in the 70's and 80's. Being one of the only black families in the neighborhood, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to many different things. At home, I would sneak into my older sister's room and listen to her albums which included The Jackson 5, Earth-Wind and Fire, The Brothers Johnson, Michael Jackson (Pre-surgery), The Spinners, Billy Joel, and various disco albums. When I would hang out with friends I was exposed to Led Zep, The Who, The Beatles, AC/DC and the like.

The summer before 5th grade I decided to listen to my dad's new stereo (which I wasn't supposed to touch) and check out the rock station. I'd never listened to a rock'n'roll station before because all of the stations were tuned to either top 40 or gospel stations. I put on the big, brown Koss headphones (some of you know exactly the one's I'm talking about...), tuned to WAVA 99.5 and forever changed my life. The first song was Billy Thorpe's Children of the Sun, the second song was Journey's Escape, the third song was Ozzy's Diary of a Madman, and the finale was Rush's Tom Sawyer... OH MY!!!! You hear people say that certain things resonate with them, and this was one of those pivotal moments for me. All of this wonderful sound coming to me, reaching my core. I turned off the stereo and had my first contemplative moment. I took a nap and had those wonderful, lucid dreams that childhood provides. WOW!!! I'm actually a frustrated guitarist at heart, due to Randy Rhodes, but I am thankful that he and Neil were there that day to show me what I HAD to work towards for the rest of my life.

This is when the bug bit me. Please share your experience.


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My dad was big into music, he listened to alot of vinyl when I was just a kid, Jazz, blues, metal and rock...
I liked listening to rock and metal more than the other genres with him just because of the drumming, and the distortion on the guitars... I grew up listening to metal, rock, and blues mostly, and I have a taste for mostly anything if I like the sound of it.

but it was when I was about 8 or 9 when I got my first instrument, an acoustic guitar that my uncle gave me.
This piece of crap old worn out no name brand guitar That I started learning some chords on. I had a small recording program on my computer, and a crappy mic that I turned on to record some chords, and put together a drum kit using pot covers for the cymbols, and buckets for the actual drum parts, I can't remember what I used for a kick pedal, but It was the first time I was actually being creative and I guess it would be my "first musical experience.

For years I wanted to play drums, and could never afford them, so I stuck to guitar (I got my first electric guitar at 16) then after getting a part time job a few months after my 16th birthday I bought a crappy drum kit to record drums for my band (I was the vocalist at the time and we had no drummer... and we knew no one, so I recorded the drums)
My brotherr was somewhat impress that I picked up playing beats fairly well, and stuck me on drums while he took over vocals, and my friend joined and played bass...

After a year or so of that band, my brother moved out and I just kept practicing, working on some solo stuff, and stuff with my brother. I joined a few bands, but left them because I didn't get along with many of the muscians I met...

After a while me and my brother got back together, and joined a death metal/thrash metal band. While we were in that band we started a second project called D.E.A.D. (dead even after dawn) which was a weird mixture of black metal, rock, hard rock and weird chord progressions... My friend then joined the other band we were in and we through out the D.E.A.D. project to start a "pure black metal" band, which went through several stages of development before we went back to the weird mixture of rock, hard rock black metal, and technical guitars... essentially the band Im in now, is the one I started with back when I was 16...
same members... not quite the same kind of music.

Now Im 19 (almost 20) and Im looking forward to moving forward with the band im in now, I've been learning new techniques the last while... and some songs that I like to listen too (I actually honestly, never liked playing covers, not because I couldn't do it, just because I liked playing my own songs...)

Kind of a long story... but I havn't really changed much since I was a kid, I still like metal, Im still playing guitar and love drums.


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Cool story. Only thing I might suggest is that you continue to listen to other types of music. I've been inspired by drummers from genres that I don't normally listen to, and then I am able to take what I've learned and apply it to the music that I love to play, which I call Martian Math Metal. Sunny Day Real Estate meets The Police meets Pantera.

Good luck!!!


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Im always up for listening to new types of music...

I listened to jazz all morning at work on the radio, man those drummers are amazing...


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The day I heard For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica when Ride The Lightning came out in 1985. I was 6 years old and even though I had heard alot of music by then, that was my introduction to Metal. I knew right then that was all I wanted to do.


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My father always wanted me to sing. My mother always wanted me to play the piano and the flute.

I saw Andrae Crouch with Bill Maxwell on drums and Abe Laboriel, Sr., on bass when I was six years old in 1975. They riffed on "Soon and Very Soon" for about 20 minutes.

It was over. I was a drummer, and determined to be a funky one at that.


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I was about four years old (early 70's) My next door neighbor had a backyard wedding.The band was some cover band but during the bands break the drummer sat us kids on his kit and let us have a go at it!! (the kit was a blue sparkle ludwig), I don't know why I can remember that detail but I guess in my mind I knew that I wanted to play the drums!! My parents wanted me to play piano so I learned at age 5 when I turned 7 I got my first drum set my dad got it a a old farm auction (1920s leedy or ludwig) I traded it for a Rodgers holiday model. Ive been playing ever since and got my degree in performance/ for jazz drums/classical piano I also got my cerfication in studio engineer.


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in third grade sometime between the day i walked into a music store for the first time and when i bought my first KISS record. =) true story.


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i was hangin with my buddy one day at his house. both of his brothers were amazing musicians. i herd them jamming one day and his one brother that was a drummer just stuck out. when they finished jammin they went out to get some food me and my bud snuck into their jam space and i had to sit behind the drum set. i didnt realy tell any one about me wanting a set but i hinted it to my mom, that x-mas my bro opened a huge box and he got a guitar and i was like aww man he got a guitar and i didnt get anything, then my mom and her b/f were like hey go downstairs, so i did and BAM!!!! drum set. haha i was so happy.


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5 years old...my dad is a band director at my high school, he bought the high schools old drum set and gave it to me since they were getting a new one...

since then, i have always played the drums, and now im at a music school for percussion.


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Im not exactly sure but i am told by my parents that i used to get out my mums cooking equipment and wooden spoons as my first kit!


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I was about 10 or so when Woodstock '94 came to Saugerties (about 25 min. from where I lived). My parents were working the Haagen - Dazs booth and we stayed for two nights. The next two nights we went home and watched it on PPV.
We taped it (of course) and I must've watched the Primus set about 17 million times with an old tennis racket tied around me with a jumprope.
Then we found an old Royce set at a friends house, in the attic, so we took it. I could sit down and do the straight 4/4 right off the bat.

I've been into drums and bass ever since.


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When I was as little as my memory will take me back I was always about music. I went through my guitar phaze when I was 5 till about 8. Then I saw the "original" Home Sweet Home Motley Crue video. When I saw Tommy Leeplayin in that video, I knew exactley what I wanted to do! I started playing at 9, Im 31 1/2 now. Its been a awesome road, wouldn't trade it for the world.


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well back in grade school here, you could choose any instrument if you passed the hearing test. and god i wanted to play sax; but there werent enough. and then i wanted to play trombone; they sed i didnt have big enough lips. then trumpet was my last choice; and the teacher says to me "no you have big hands, im gonna make you play drums." now in 5th grade im thinking "ew drums thats a boys instrument!" but i stuck with it, and i got into concert stuff and i played in the school bands. and then i was walking to the park one day with my mom [maybe about a year or so later], and we walked by the High School. i heard the booming of basses, the cracks of snares, and the tom-like sound of the tenors. and as i walked by and there they were. the NHS drumline; the lineup from their best year ever at NHS: Latin Explosion. i just stood there in awe. and as i watched i just listened, and i thought "i wanna do that. im gonna be like that" and sure enough 6 years later, im on the drumline playing snare and as section leader.
as for set, i just morphed into it. same with jazz. but concert snare and jazz are my calling. if it werent for my "big hands" i would have never found myself.


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Well, as beeing a 3rd grade homeschooler, i desperatly needed a hobby. So my mom was listening to the radio in the kitchen one day, and a heard an awesome fill. I wanted to do that. Ive been hooked ever since.


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I started out as one of those kids who did sixth grade band because it was manditory. But then my dad, being a musician himself, said, "You should give it a try next year." I said alright. I was playing clarinet at the time. Then at the end of my seventh grade year, my music director came up to me and said, "We might need a tenor next year in jazz band, wanna play?" I said alright, because the fingerings are almost identical to the upper register of a clarinet. So in jazz band, I couldn't take my eyes off of the drummer when it was just him playing. And a month or two into my eighth grade year, I started drumming.
I still keep up with my sax playing though. Been playing that for as long as I've been playing drums.


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ombudsman":l8isyyay said:
in third grade sometime between the day i walked into a music store for the first time and when i bought my first KISS record. =) true story.
i dont belive you


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when I was 6,I saw my uncle play the drums in his band.I knew right then and there....I needed to play.My mom got me lessons for Christmas...and I stuck with them from 6 on to 17 years old.It is/was the best thing for me personally.While my so called "friends" we're getting into trouble,I was going to my lessons.Drumming is STILL very important in my life...I need it for balance.I know it sounds weird,but try not drumming for awhile and see how you would feel.Its like a friggen void in your life.


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I was exposed to Rock n Roll music when I was 4. My brother and my dad exposed me to Aerosmith, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Iron Maiden, etc.

Around 5th grade I had to go into the music program, and I chose the Clarinet. I wasn't that great with it...but my dad was a drummer and my mom was a Sax player so I stayed with the Clarinet until my sophmore year of high school(im a junior now)

In 7th grade I got a guitar and I was inspired by Joe Satriani. I am not that great at it, but that has to do with my dad bringing out his old drumset for one of my brothers to do his senior project for school...I ended up playing the drumset more than my guitar and I got hooked.

in 9th grade I turned on to the metal Music station and the Shadows Fall album "The War Within" was being played. I heard that drumming and I got hooked, as well I started getting interested in heavy metal music. I bought the cd and everything changed for me. (for those who don't know Jason Bittner is Shadows Fall's drummer) I can't play the stuff that Jason Bittner plays...but I have gotten interested more in the music as a whole.

I always wanted to learn guitar and drums because I felt left out with my dad and my oldest brother playing bass and electric guitar.