Whats your weakness?

Rob Crisp

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I love cymbals, always have but recently I'm developing more of a taste for snare drums....

What would you choose, your dream snare or cymbal, if someone offered to buy it for you?

What would it be?

For me, I think I've fallen in love with the new Tama 'Spartan' snare from the 'Warlord' series...


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my weakness would go to the snare of my dreams i think, since it would be very expensive :lol: where as the cymbal wouldnt be as bad of a price


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My weakness I have to say is THINKING TOO MUCH WHEN I PLAY A SOLO!!!!!

John Blackwell said it best on his video "Your head and your heart are fighting each other in that moment...... PLay from what you feel in THAT MOMENT....."

Don't plan just play and see what comes out..........


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Multibomber":2owpta13 said:
Redheads have smelly genitals...

its true.
How many times must I tell you the ourangatang enclosure is not the place to find pretty women.

You've no one to blame but yourself.

My weakness is my desire to own and play virtually every percussion instrument known to man. In the last 5 days I've spent $876.00. :oops:


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My weakness is cabernet. Lots of cabernet.

Also on the negative is keeping time with my hi- hat foot when I am not keeping time on said hi-hat. It's really hard for me!

On the up side of weaknesses, it's all about Gretsch and Premier drums....



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My weakness is needing and spending all my money on cymbals. But I'd chose a snare cause its well more expensive. And that Spartan looks AMAZIN!!
My weakness is snare drums. I think it's awesome to have an arsenal of them, because so many have such different characteristics. Right now I own multiple OCDP snare drums. That and Paiste cymbals. I think they're amazing.

Other than that, Jack Daniels.


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If I could have anything I would make Zildjian make me a set of A custom 13" sweet hats. OHHHH god. Other than that Phil Arcuris Snare drum, I don't know he does it, even though I e-mailed him asking, and he e-mailed me back and told me. LOL I'm close but I doubt I'll get that sound.


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My drumming weakness recently is - PLAYING TOO MUCH POCKET. Yup, I actually got fired from a band because I had a strong feel.

Listening to Jamiroquai.... 8)


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Multibomber":2o7j26ku said:
Redheads have smelly genitals...
dude, Turn her over, you're used to being behind the drums... redheads are best appreciated from the FRONT side...

Kids these days, I'll tell ya...