whats your thought on hihat size?


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Currently I'm using the standard, 14", Hats but i was thinking about getting of set of 12" hats for my main hats. What does eveyone think?


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i like 14'sfor my fixed open hats on the right, snd 13s for more control and higher pitched cut as my regula hats on the left


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Homki890":3ccaw8j2 said:
Seems I'm the only one here who likes a 15'' hat. Oh well. I like the bigger "chick."

:lol: Nice one.

I use 13" hats. It's what my cymbal package came with.


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I used 14" hats for about 15 years. It took a while to get used to that "missing" inch of the 13" hats. I don't think I'd use 12" hats for anything other than effects.