Whats your fav pedal? (includes double base)

The MP

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Double base pedal would be axis cuz thats the only double base pedal ive played on, ive got two kick drums atm with pearl pedals so ya :p

Mike T

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Agreed Ludwig Speed King they are and have been the best for over 40 years not a fan of the cheater type doubles the sound is not right using them the bass drum does not have time to resonat correctly ...of course this is just my opinion.. :)


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I have a Tama Iron Cobra single. I freaking love that pedal. I'll be buying a Pearl Eliminator Double Pedal soon.


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SPEED KING! I now hate the chain drivven pedals, there so innefficent and overpriced for me personally. Some drummers hate the feel, but I love it and you cant beat the price!


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I agree, the ludwig speed king is really nice. it's lightweight and very fast. i have an old one that cam with my 1968 slingerland. i use on my kit the iron cobra double pedal but the left side gives me problems. i'm gonna change to double bass and get 2 axis singles. :D


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My favorite is the old Camco pedals. Theyre the best pedal I ever played on, the ones that Tama made were good but the old ones were amazing!!!!!


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Well I owned DW 5000 double pedal worked great but broke alot of hinges and wore the teeth off the sprockets. But I would still recomend DW products even the 9000 series pedals are great.

I also had both TAMA iron cobra and Pearl eliminator pedals this are the best pedals for the money and too me they play about the same not enough to say one is worse than the other.

My other favorite was my axis pedal, extremely smooth but sometimes to smooth. I felt as if sometimes it was controling my foot instead of me controling the pedal.


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pearl eliminator double pedal (blue cam) ... I feel like the power is definately there when I need it, but at the same time it's delicate enough to play ppp when needed as well. it feels great in my full dynamic range!

I also really love the DW 5000 single, but I can't find a the feel i like in the 9000... i just can't use it. I feels like i'm playing a feather.


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Tama Iron Cobra, definately the only pedal I've found that holds up under me. And the adjustability and fluidness of the pedal is sweet. The DW 5000's are nice, I've had them, but not as adjustable as the Cobra, and don't hold up as well under extreme playing conditions. Thats my $.2


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well i have a PDP double bass pedal and its nice, but nothing is quite like a TAMA Iron cobra....TAMA stole my heart what can i say? the drums the pedals ..nothing short of amazing :D


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I like my DW 4000 dbl bass but if I could find 1 that let me play faster I would go for it. I hear axis are fast but that since they are made of aluminum they strip easy


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drumming on a budget so i use a mapex double pedal which works just fine
not noisy and has a good balance of value and quality

i like the accelerator pedals and the iron cobras

also have a single yamaha pedal which came with my kit
basic but does a sturdy job

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