What's under your drums?


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i was havin grief with my hi-hat runnin away on me across the carpet until my buddy hooked me up huge.....he works at a place that makes and repairs giant conveyor belts for mining and stuff...he got me a piece of sweet rubber, 5 feet by about 7 feet, about a quarter inch thick...and OMG its awesome...this thing will last literally forever, its nice and clean, black, smooth on one side and a little bumpy on the other for grip...my kit sticks to it like glue...best of all though-he gave it to me for free...SCORE!


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what's under my drums??? usually a floor of some discription :lol: :lol: :lol:

Nah I have a proper drum mat and velcro on the bottom of ALL pedals... they go nowhere...


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My DW pedals came with velcro, stock

It grips the carpet well

My cage has nothing under it especially my bass drums they are suspended


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I just put out a big piece of carpet. I have a big kit so I have the 'floorplan' outlined with a sharpie marker so I can set it up quick, and as close as possible to whats comfortable for me


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If I'm playing a gig somewhere with no carpet on the stage floor, I carry a black runner rug with me. Got it at my friendly neighborhood restaraunt supply store. Mine's 15'x15'. No-slip bottom, good carpeted top. Works great.


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I have a nice oriental rug that is QUITE large. I got it for FREE! My childhood friend's father gave it to me as a high school graduation present (he owns an oriental rug store here in Omaha) for my dorm, but I thought it'd look really awesome under my kit.

Note: The rug my drums are under in the pictures I have under "Show Your Kit" is NOT that rug.


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Protection Racket Drum Mat

Tried a lot of things and this is the best for sure. 100$ well spent.


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One of these:

Seriously better than any carpet or professional mat I've tried. Maximum friction. Stuff doesn't move.


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Carpet, velcro, duct tape pieces (labeled with sharpie) to mark the positions of stands....That's what I use. If you're still having a problem with creeping, however, or your hi-hat pedal doesn't have a solid base to put the velcro on, here's a cheap, quick solution. Silicone....Get a tube of it and put a good glob on your drum rug right next to the outside of each foot on the hi-hat pedal. It should stop the skid.....


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Anyone got any suggestions?

Got a rug underneath my kit, but underneath that there is laminate wood flooring, so the kit tends to slide about pretty bad. I've got some weights and a huge yucca plant pot weighing it down but it still moves some.

Anyone know if these rubber mats will work on laminate flooring? If so i might be investinging in one...



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I don't have that problem at all, since my DW pedal and Hi Hat came with velcro stock on the bottom. Now if I am playing somewhere and the carpent is thin and my pedals won't grip to them, even if they walk they don't walk but a few inches

DW all the way bitches represent! hahahaha o.k so im no gansta, but it's Friday Bitches!!!!


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I built a drum rise and covered it with a 1/4 inch rubber pad and then wrapped a piece of soundproof carpet over that....its perfect.