whats the difference between sabian, and zildjian cymbals?


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I've got zildjian cymbals, but my freinds all say sabian has better sound, so whats the difference?


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Hey, Sabian is cheaper in price, it's a different sound. The sound of a Sabian is more high, and more splashy. Zildjian (Which I have) has more of a bulk sound, but they also sell alot of high pitched cymbals. The lines in the cymbals are much thicker on Sabian cymbals, Zildjian has better quality.

IF you have the money, go with Zildjian.


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Its all a matter of preference. I personally prefere Zildjian and have played them all my life. But, I have been looking at the Paragon series, very very nice cymbals.


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Its all personal preference, period. I am sick of people saying "this is the best... that sucks... brand x harms animals during production..." :shock:

Oh yea, one more thing... SALUDA CYMBALS! :twisted:


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Im gonna include all the cymbal companies Ive played not just Sabian and Zildjian....


Sabian..... not too good, the sound just doesnt seem right for me in any of their lines.
Zildjian, better than Sabian, the lower end cymbals still dont suit me but once you get to Z custom, A, and K, the sound seems a lot more me.
Paiste, most of the cymbals sound good to me, but more of the lower end than the higher end for some reason.

And finally

Meinl. Absolutely perfect for my sound. All the series compliment each other, and all suit me.


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my sabians have held up much better than zildjians ive played have, or paistes for that matter. i like the sound i get from my sabians (aaxplosion crashes, hh raw bell dry ride, aax splash). theres a world of difference in sound so i suggest you check them all out. im about to get a saluda crash so ill let you know how that goes.