Whats best for metal/heavy rock?

Im playing a pearl masters maple sizes are 22" 12" 14" and 14" snare Im a hard hitter Whats heads will be durable and easy to tune?
I have always used pinstripes but sick of them now.



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do you want something muffled, or are you looking for a bit more of an open sound?

I used clear Emperors on my toms for years playing death metal and grindcore (well, also playing with singer-songwriters, doing freelance recording, and all manner of other gigs). I like them quite a bit.


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Not sure who you were talking to, but with ec2, I would try ec resos if you want a full, some what muffle sound or G1s if you want a more "open" sound. For Alan suggestion I would use ambassadors with the emporers, clears for a more open sound and coated for a more muffle/controlled sound.


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aquarian studio x's with powerdot. Seriously the best heads I've played. They sound great, even with 3 year old stock reso's underneath.


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ive been using aquarian performance 2's for a while now and they seem a bit muffled to me. i would go ahead and try some of those.