what to add on my kit??


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Here's my set-up. I wonder what I should add. I play much of rock'n'roll-metal but I play with singers who play pop-rock.



Description of the drum:
Toms: 8,10,12,14,18 and 22''
Cymbals: 8'' splash AAX, 10'' splash Orion, 14'' re.mix (zildjian),14'' Avedis zildjian fast crash, 14'' hi-hat orion, 16'' crash sabian s20, crash 16'' orion, 16'' chinese sabian AAX, 20'' power ride orion.
+Gibraltar cage 2 sides, tambourine, cow bell
Snare 14'' and 13''(PICCOLO)

I would like to have your councils and your comments. Thank you!!


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ok thank you. I forgot to tell that I have a double pedal. Is this a good idea to buy another bass drum that isn't in th same tonality (a pearl bass drum)??


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go ahead, just keep in mind its another 30 pounds to carry to gigs. Tommy lee uses a double pedal and has 2 bass drums for diffrent tones, but he has roadies. Ive messed around on 2 basses just for shits and giggles, but I always return to my iron cobra.


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Drumosaurus":3g9buzk8 said:
whats wrong with rototoms?. oh, upgrade cymbols, double pedal,and maybe some new heads or cases.
Can't spell cymbals right.

Rototoms are clunky and really don't serve much of a purpose other than a rarely used effect drumset.

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some better cymbals I guess, looks like you got enough to eat on your plate there already though. maybe its the rototoms throwin me off.

first! get yourself an emad bass head or something so you dont have to have it 100% filled with blankets n such.


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before anything change out the heads to good ones, that right there is going to set you back over 100.00 bucks but id start there.

Evans EC2 ,Aquarian Super Kick2 does me good