What the !@#$% hell is goin on??@#$%


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My pedal won't stay in place. The back (heel) of the pedal will start shifting to the left after a song or 2 of heavy playing. I have a bd anchor, I have the spikes out on the bd legs, and the spikes on my pedal and it is still moving. I cant figure it out and its driving me nuts... any suggestions?? I use Accutune hoops because they're awesome. Here's some pics:

I know the bass drum looks tilted in this pic, but I can assure you it is perfectly level, I just put on the Faalam patches crooked because I'm an idiot.

Here's where the pedal is when its in the correct position

And here's what happens after playing for a few songs

See how the heel has moved? I've tried tightening the pedal clamp, I tried putting a rubber gasket where the pedal clamps onto the hoop and Gorilla Taping it on the hoop, I do have a bass drum anchor and all the spikes are out on the bd and pedal and the pedal still moves.

My bass drum pedals are pretty far forward, meaning that my shin is not at a right angle to my thigh when I play. Do you think the slight "pushing forward" motion is making the pedal slide out of position? I also dont have the pedal lined up exactly where my whole foot rests on it. The pedal is pointed a little more outward than my foot.


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It might be the placement of the pedals. They're aligning themselves with how you're playing them, versus how you're setting them up. Basically, if you're putting more pressure on the left side, because of, say, twisting your foot inward while you play, the pedal is going to move that way. Make sure they're setup so your driving straight through the beater.