What sticks do you use?


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I just switched from the Vic Firth Steve Gadd's to the Dave Weckl Evolutions.

For rock and jazz, it's working for me as the "all in 1" type of stick.

FWIW, I switched from using V/C 5BN's for my rock gigs. I'm getting more control, better ride sound, and it takes less effort to move around the kit.
Joey Jordinson(sp?) AHEAD sticks. Bought them for a whimn, loved them. bought a new pair a few days ago. they just felt right at the store, and even better at the kit.


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I bought Vic Firth 55As yesterday. Great sticks! I think I'll stay with'em for a while


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Vater Stewart Copeland Standard...waiting on quote for custom sticks though. Hopefully I will know soon.



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I use promark 2b w/nylon tip. I like the ping i get on the ride. Plus i'm naturally a heavy hitter so light sticks feel strange to me.


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To keep it simple, I use Vic Firth 2B & 7A Nylon Tip, or (Powerpro) 747 Rock nylon tip. I love nylon tipped. I don't know why, but it just feels like a better balance in my hands than with a wood tip, but I do like the earthy sound of a wood tip on my 18" crashride.

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I play with ProMark 727 Japanese Shira Kashi White Oak with nylon tips. I have found that I have to use an Oak stick as opposed to Hickory to get the sticks to last any decent amount of time. I'll typically burn through $30-$40 in sticks in a single one night show, and that's with the oaks! hahaha You could easily double that cost or more if I were to go back to Hickory sticks. I used to use the 747 Oaks with wood tips for the longest time, but finally grew too frustrated with constantly breaking and splintering the tips that I decided to go ahead and make the switch to nylon. I have never broken a nylon tip and I must say that they've gotten so much better now about glueing them on that I haven't had one go shooting off into my bass player in something like two years now. ;)

As for the stick size change, I had undergone surgery on my wrist and thumb (real fun for a working drummer! lol) and had gigs I had to cover with my hand still in a cast. I wasn't able to control the larger, heavier 747's very well so I tried out the 727's and found I could get the job done, cast and all. After healing, I kept toying around with the 727's and discovered that I was still getting the drive and power from my strokes, but with the slight trimming of weight my stick speed was noticably affected and I was much more in tune with moving through changes in dynamics. Having become accustomed to those heavy 747's, my hands were able to manipulate the 727's with much less muscular tiring at faster speeds, plus I was able to literally feel the difference when I came to a softer passage in a song and I had to pull things back a bit. Much easier to accomplish than with my heavier, longer 747's. So I stayed with them permanently.

But I must say, hearing all of you talk about the Vaters has me intrigued enough that I am considering picking up a few pairs to give them a test drive. I'm not disappointed in my 727 Oaks and don't anticipate switching, but just the same why miss out on an opportunity to explore? That's what we do, right? ;)

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I use Vater Fatback 3A nylons. They feel the best in my hand of any stick I have used. And the beefier shoulder gets me nice projection on my cymbals. Which are usually unmiked (no overheads) at bar gigs. Plus, the durability of Vater sticks cannot be beat, imho.


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prefer to use the AHEAD lars ulrich sig. sticks.good for heavy music because i found the shafts dont break that easy,and if they do,just replace them for a few bucks!
Or the vic firth 5a/b nylon tip i find are a reliable, strong stick to use as the AHEAD ones can feel a little heavy after a while..and if all else fails,pro mark are pretty good.can smash seven shades out of them and they wont break.. :lol:


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pro mark neil peart oak 747s for anything rock. they sound great, they feel great, and they last forever.

steve gadd signature for lighter stuff. light as a feather and easy to control.


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i've used the ProMarks 707's for a while now, and its the perfect stick for me, its heavy, thin and has a nylon tip, GREAT sticks, check them out.

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vic firth 55A- bit thicker and heavier than the 5A- perfect... and they last.. i also got vic firth brushes which have lasted yearss...