What stick do you play?


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I've used the Vic Firth Omar Hakim Signature the past few weeks and really liked them, but in the end they have just a little bit too much weight in the front end, so after all the sticks i've played, I always come back to the Vic Firth 5B with nylon tip. So if I had to choose it would be that one...or maybe the Vater 5B..damnit :p


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I really like Vic Firth 7A, but they cost so much and change to my teacher's custom drumstick that apparently suits me pretty well.


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I have used them All. Ludwig, Pro Mark, Vic, Vater, Regal Tip, Xcel, Stick Stuff Grip, Plastic, Metal, Graphite, Carbon Fiber, Bamboo, Wood Composite, Wheat Composite. What ever works for you. Every drumstick has it's place in the industry but if it doesn't feel right, Don't use them.

Mr Stick Stuff

Take your best drumstick and make it even better with a thin or thick grip you can dip your self. Try it over cloth tape, over a picture of your girlfriend. How about caffeinated grips! It's like Viagra for your drumsticks without a prescription.