What stick do you play?

If you could only play one type of stick one model for the rest of your career what would it be?

for me its without a down Pro-mark American Hickory 7A super fast super comfortable and have great durablity compares to other 7As ive played from vater and vic firth.


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I use SILVERFOX drum sticks...They are the most durable sticks I've ever used.

I was a die-hard ProMark and Vater user for 25 years...but when I tried these sticks, I couldn't believe how long they lasted.

Most drummers...(unless you were in a marching band) have never heard of them.


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Probably Vater Los Angeles a Nylon Tip, If I was officially on the Vater Roster, I would want them to send me bricks of 5A's!


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Neil Peart's by Pro-Mark - I love 'em. Even if they didn't have a perfect weight, length and feel I'd STILL use them forever because they are the longest lasting sticks I've ever used. Only on my second set and I started using them 6-7 months ago.

This coming from someone who was going through 2 sticks a month. One stick in 6+ months playing and the stick I replaced it with last month still looks new means I didn't just get lucky w/the first two.


Rob Crisp

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I've gone up and down in size, almost always Vic Firth. Quite honestly if you give me some regular 5A's I'm set.


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I've been using Hornets 5b's for the last year or so. I also break out some of my old Vic Firth F1's from time to time for practicing as well.
i use zildjian absolute rock, the double butt ones, with red vater grip tape, they last long, and pull a fat sound from my drums. i've been considering trying the morgan rose double butt sticks, has anybody tried those and if so are they better than the absolute rock ones?