what size does this cymbal look like?


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so i am in need of a china cymbal and since i think the drummer from A Day To Remember is freakin awesome and my band plays pretty much the same style of music, i want the china he uses! haha
can you tell from the picture the model and size of his china?
i'm gussing Zildjian Oriental China 16"?


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18?? Not sure... Do you know how they sound like?? If you do, try comparing them in zildjian's website.


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Google the specs on his kit. I assure you that they will have them posted somewhere. P.O.Y!


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Just try out the 16 and the 18 oriental chinas and see which one suits you best. I prefer 18 myself and the stuff i play is really heavy. im thinking about switching to a 18 inch china high to have a bit more control though.