What shoes/sneakers whilst playing?? & ebay links


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Hey there.
I have seen so many wear sneakers ("trainers"/"runners"), some wear high-tops (basket-ball sneakers), some (like Neil Peart and Steve Smith said of
Freddie Gruber) wear hard soled shoes (dance shoe style), some go bare-footed (which i could not understand because of perperation)...

Which do you think is best??? (I am trying to gain control whilst double-bass drumming) So far, my hard shoes and sneakers are tied. (no, not meaning the laces, silly!- tied for, "both equally good")

oh, any music lovers- i am selling some music thingys on ebay:
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... &rd=1&rd=1
(Paul McCartney/Beatles)

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... &rd=1&rd=1
YES/Bill Bruford/Chris Squire

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... &rd=1&rd=1
(oh so BEAUTIFUL Olivia Newton John collection for
framing or playing) [Carlos Vega on many of these!]

Thanks drumming buddys!


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Whatever i play has to be very light and have a thin sole, so i can really feel the pedal and bass drum.

Anything heavy or thick soled and i feel like i'm playing with bricks on.

I've been using Asics for about a year now, they are extremely comfortable.

I have these in Black with Green trim.

You can almost bend the sole in half the first day you buy them, but they dont wear down fast. Very durable.


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I just wear something like vans, I'd like to try other shoes but I've got a million other desires before I ever get around buying a bunch of shoes and deciding which one I'll wear for drumming in.


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THANK you ALL so much for responding :!:

some great info / insight here.

(now if anyone could respond to my octobons question on page
3 of G.D.D)

Sounds like most people use the thin sneakers. I have been
using some medium/thin sneakers (new balance) and they do
feel better than most of the footwear I have tried. I can not do
socks only because they slip (for me)- and bare-foot is super
slippage for me (perspiration)- I know i goofed on the spelling b4).
- The harder shoes as Steve/Neil/Freddie suggest to offer something.
Kind of like an immediate response.
-But right now the sneakers (not high tops) feel best- I have to remember
not to tie the top too tight.
"to tie the top too tight"
- thank ya'll!


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to be honest i think it makes little difference unless you are playing really demanding stuff. but it's weird i always prefer playing with shoes on it just feels more stable. I mean ask steve gadd, steve smith, vinnie colaiuta they wear they will usually be applicable to the occasion ie usually formal smart shoes.
Whereas someone life Thomas lang who has to get some serious stuff going with his feet will prob be in pumas or simalar.