What Paradiddle do you use most?

I used to use reverse para`s in some of my fills but I now focus on using just straight para-diddles. I don`t know if its just a phase or whether they actual do just sound better. What`s everybody else think?


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all of them reverse ,inward, normal, triplets.flamadiddles, and in doubles and triples ,and diddle diddles . a good exercise is two paradiddles followed by two reverse paradiddles they call this the windmill anyone who hasn't tried this its good fun


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i use a lot of the rlrrlrrlrlrrlrr for various bell accenting and shuffly hi hat patterns and of course i always mix er up.

Though i cant do it backwards and would love to learn :oops:


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Most of the time just regular paradiddles and inverted regulars, but i use doubles and triples often too...

Anyone seen that vid of Simon Phillips at a Zildjian Day (cant remember the year) where he explains that if you put a regular, double and triple paradiddle together it makes 9/8? lol. That technique helped me practice my paradiddles a lot.

r l r r l r l l r l r l r r l r l r l l r l r l r l r r l r l r l r l l

Cant lay it out properly cos the space value of the letters is different to the numbers >.< ignnore the hyphons, they're only there to get the numbers to the right place. The numbers are the beats, and they SHOULD be directly over the top of the stroke you should be playing when you reach that beat.


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yeah i use para-diddle and para-diddle-diddle mostly. And also just diddles in generally around the toms.

swiss army triplets are pretty sweet to know also to go around the kit in a fill.