What other forums do you guys go to?


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just wonderring if anybody here talks on other forums.

as for me... dml, ugw, airsoftforum, pbnation, and some anime forum I forgot.


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Here, UGW, Remo, Saluda, PDF, Drummer cafe, drummerworld, United By Drums, Drums.com, Ghostnote, drumshed. I'm sure there's more.


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What's UGW? I go to the Rogers owners forum. Ebay, timezone, clubroadfly, watchnet, pus$$.org

I really recomend that last one.


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Whats a forum? As a matter of fact what the hell is the internet?
*deafening silence*
*somewhere in the distance crickets chirp wildly*

Here and UGW. Sometimes Remo and Saluda.
I do really dig some of the lyric sites.

Rob Crisp

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I'm on UGW a fair bit. Just coming back to DML to give it another bash; I used to be on here loads before things got waaay out of hand on a number of levels.


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Whats this UGW forum everyone keeps talking about?

I'm on here, Toolian forum, IRC, Xbox, and I lurk around on random sites just to read retarded posts when I'm bored.


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dannycareyisgod":2bgmsjfx said:
Oooo I just found the United Grooveworkers site. About to join! ilovegretsch72 - username for UGW
It's cool that you joined... how come you haven't been back?