What kinda Metal is Wuhan China made out of?


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When I looked at several websites, all I saw that specifically reffered to metal was when they said that the cymbals were made of several different alloys.

So basicallly no cymbal is exactly alike when it comes to Wuhan


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Don't expect for them to hold up. From personal experience and from friends alike, they crack pretty easy. No worries though. They sound kind of good with a nice crack in them. NO JOKE!


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I love watching the slow death of a Wuhan
20" china chunks are scattered across quite a few stages that I have played
I even got a piece to stick in the stage at one show
The more you break 'em
The better they sound


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I was just curious as to what allowy was used. They look different from Sabians or Zildjians. I'm not worried about it cracking. So far, I've beatin on my for nearly 6 monthes and I've not even dinted it yet. The 18" if very nice indeed.