What kind of sticks do YOU use? And WHY?

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Ever since I've been playing drums and even when I was only a prospect, I've been with VicFirth!
I first started with 7A, then 8D and 8DN...
Then I switched to 5A, then X5A...
After a while I switched to 5B, then X5B.
I played with the X5Bs for a couple of months... and then I discovered the greatest Vic Sticks! So now I play with the following!
Sigature Ralph Hardimon Corpsmaster sticks for warming up
Signature Thomas Lang for Heavy and regular playing.
X5Bs for more soft playing, latin, big band and stuff.
Signature Peter Erskine for Jazz.
Signature Tala Wands for fun!

How about you guys?


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i PROUDLY play with Vater - Salem model, i think it's 6B, not sure...

why i play with them?
1. the plastic heads give a great sound on the symbals.
2. they are perfect for my grip, i just feel natural with them.
3. probably the best reason to use them... i used Buzin, Rim shot, Vic Firth, Pell Wood, and many more marks of sticks, and that pair is the only one i could manage to play with for over a month, i play them for half a year now, and they look just like new, and i play a lot ^^...

i think i made my point hehe

ow btw they cost around 8$ too :p
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