what kind of drum heads should you used for top and botton?

should the drum heads of the drum kit should be different or equal for both sides.. (top and botton)

i want a heavy metal sound.

what should i do?


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I'm not really a drumhead expert, especially regarding heads for heavy metal, but I'd suggest visiting the websites of drumhead manufacturers (just google Evans, Remo and co...) and looking at their arstists that they endorse. Then find the drummers in metal bands and make a list of all the bands you see (and like).

Keep in mind that it's all about tuning. If you know who Rise Against and Silverstein are (post-Hardcore bands), I have the same heads as both their drummers. Evans G2 coated on the batter and Evans G1 clear on the resonant heads. After tuning them, they sound pretty nice. Tuning dictates attack, tone, overheads and decay.


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Just go with whatever brand you like, but for metal or hard rock, I would use 2ply batter heads over 1 ply reso heads. Both clear, either tuned open, or with a little bit of muffling(but not too much, or your toms will get lost in the music and you won't be able to hear them).


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Some companies have resonant heads that are designed specifically for the bottom of a drum. You got your 2ply on the top and like thin resonant heads on the bottom to better complete the drums tone.


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I would consider keeping all of your resonant heads and purchase the Evans ec2 heads. What I did was purchase a Drum Dial and some Evans ec2 heads for all my toms. Tune all of your Evans heads to 75 and loosin all of your resonant heads and then tighten them back up finger tight then use the Drum Dial to tighten them up to 75 so both top and bottom have the same tone. I have gotten many compliments on how my heads sound from other bands i have played with.


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I currently play thrash/death metal as the main project with jazz always on the side and I currently really like the Aquarian hi-frequency(bottom)/Aquarian response 2 (top). Thunderous with kinda a quick response.