What Kick pedal ?


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hey guys would love a new kick pedal! whats your opinions i dont mind splashing a few quid about for a decent pedal. let me know what you have in mind. i play all types of music so not necessary looking for the fastest or lightest pedal!

cheers :D

ps a single pedal btw.


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I have a DW9000. Love the pedal. Great for all styles of music. Smooth and infinitly adjustable! If you're willing put the quid down, You can't go wrong with this pedal!

happy hunting!


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yer, 9000s are great pedals but i am extremely loyal towards my DW 5000 single. there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. they are being discontinued (so i have heard from mr bissonette himself) so catch one soon!


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I use the Pearl Eliminator Powershifter. I can't tell you enough how great it is, absolutely love it. Great for any style and it comes with changeable cams for a quick feel/speed change without adjusting spring tension.


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I use an Iron Cobra and I love it. The DW 5000 is really nice as well but a little more expensive. I haven't tried the 9000 yet but I am sure they are great.


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I used a Premier 250S forever, probably not any use to a drummer under 35 these days, but utterly reliable. I toured for 4 years with two (on a dbl BD kit) with 6 as spares, the spares remained untouched.

Then went to an early Tama aux twin, v. nice but fell apart more than the singer.

Made a twin myself out of FEPOS bits, OK, but needed a lot of attention. Got a P**rl powershitter which fell apart more than the Tama/singer/a very fall aparty thing.

Then a DW5000 (wonderful), solid, reliable - does what it says on the tin. Added a Premier EDP300 double to the amoury recently, just like the DW5000 but with more adjustments than a single drummer could ever want. Smoother than Brooke Shields' highly polished butt cheeks, the king amongst pedals.


Having toured last year with a band opening for mine who's drummer had Axis pedals (which he let me 'road test')...................

I have seen the future.

Credit mentions go to BigDog pedals and Tama ICs.


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I used Tama pedals for 19 years, then switched to the DW9000 double pedal last year, and I really love it. I think it's quite a bit smoother than the Iron Cobra. Funny thing is, it has all of those great adjustments you can do to it, but all I've ever done is fiddle with the spring tension a bit!


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i think i may go for the dw5000 ta played before and were fun. plus if they aint gonna make them anymore may snatch one up. can always get 9000 later in life.


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I personally have a DW5000 accelerator double bass pedal. I love it. I've had it for going on 4 years now and never had an ounce of trouble out of it. I've played the 9000 but to be honest, it's a little too smooth for me. I guess i'm just so used to my 5000. Either ones are great pedals though.

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I have been using the DW pedals for years. In fact, it is only one of two piece of gear on my kit that isn't TAYE DRUMS made....the other being my throne.

I use a DW9000 Double Pedal on the road and a
DW5000 Double Pedal on my practice kit at the house!!


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Well I have a DW 4000 double pedal, it is a great pedal for the price (like $150 US?)

It had great action but not alot of the crazy features the 5000 has.

But if you really want the best bang for your buck get a DW 7000 pedal,

It is practicly and exact clone of the 5000 but the only difference is there is no gauge for the foot board hinge ohh and the $199 US price tag



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hey man

i would definetly recommend the Pearl Eliminator Power Shifter.

you would not believe the response on that thing. it's like you don't even notice it. it's awesome for rudimental playing too in case you're interested in doubles and flams and stuff


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I think for pedals your best bet is to test drive as many as you can and choose between them. It's such a 'personal' aspect of your kit- I wouldn't recommend buying something without trying and comparing if you have access to several different models.

That's what I did, and ended up going with Axis.
I liked the Tama and Pearl offerings, but the Yamaha and DW pedals (which are highly regarded and get many recommendations) just felt wrong to me.
This leads me to believe that you've got to try them yourself to see what fits you best.


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good point. played a few pedals in my short few years as a drummer. from tama, pearl, dw, janus, havent played an axis prob never will lol. or a sonor pedal or even a yamaha. but my try and road test them all again if possible.


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my favorite pedals are the axis, i feel like their a part of me when i play. i love light pedals, so maybe thats why. janus are pretty hot too. but atm, im stuck with a dixon =/

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I also have the DW 5000 on my live kit and love it except for the occasional breaking of the spring (twice now in 2 years.) Before that had the iron cobras for years and liked them also. My Mapex kit came with their double pedal and I have no complaints about it. I've had Yamaha, Camco, Ludwig. The other drummer in my office just got the axis and it seems very nice too.


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You need to try as many as possible. I personally play DW9000 double on my live kit and DW5000 on my practice kit. So get out there and try as many as possible.