What is your favorite snare in your arsenal and why?


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Ok, I know it's not easy to completely define or decide one's favorite, but I'm just curious as to what everyone's into. Here is my arsenal in order of preference:

#1 - 13 x 6 Luka solid one-peice maple
#2 - 14 x 5.5 Tempus carbon fibre
#3 - 14 x 5 Ludwig supraphonic
#4 - 14 x 6.5 Pork Pie Big Black Bob
#5 - 13 x 7 Yamaha Akira Jimbo (autographed!)
#6 - 12 x 6 Taye Studiomaple
#7 - 10 x 6 PDP 805 birch

I like the Tempus & Luka because they sound bigger than their dimensions and have incredible sensitivity, tone, crack and potential volume. The Pork Pie sounds incredible, especially in the studio. The supraphonic does it all and is probably the most versatile of the bunch. I'm thinking of selling the Taye or PDP because I don't need two side snares and maybe even the Akira Jimbo. I've owned other snares in my life, they just weren't worth keeping, two of them being Pearl Free-Floating snares (5'' brass & 3.5'' steel) and another 13 x 6 Tempus fibreglass that sounded too similar to my Luka to keep. I also owned a 14 x 5.5 Tama Starclassic maple for 15 years which was just sitting on a shelf more and more following the acquistion of other drums until I sold it.

What about you guys?


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#1 - 6.5x13 Tama stainless steel hand hammered
#2 - 6.5x14 Slingerland Gene Krupa chrome over brass
#3 - 6.5x14 Premier genista
#4 - 5.5x14 Ludwig 70's acrolite
#5 - 6.5x14 Ddrum dominion maple