What is your Favorite Pair Of Sticks


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Vater Xtreme 5B wood tip
Vater David Silvera (Korn)sign.
Vater 8A wood tip

and of course gotta have some Ahead 5B's and Joey Jordison sig. on the side just in case the wood burns out

David Stanoch

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I use several models (all wood tip)...
Zildjian Bill Stewart and Pro Mark Oak 7A's for lighter stuff...
VicFirth Steve Jordan or Peter Erskine Ride Stick or American Jazz 7B for mid-range volume gigs...
Vic Firth Stanton Moore or Jack DeJohnette for louder stuff...

But, my All-Time FAVORITE stick (sadly discontinued) is the Johnny Rabb brand "Jim Keltner Traditional " Model. It has the most superior design and greatest range of expression of ANY drumstick I've ever played. Simply an amazing design for the entire dynamic spectrum from truly soft to slammin'...

DW bought the line from Johnny and Keltner plays DW Drums so...Jim? John Good? Are you out there?

Bring 'em back PLEASE!!!!

David Stanoch


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I love my Vic Firth Dom Famularo stick for practice. However I prefer lighter sticks when rehearsing or playing gigs


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I used to swear by the Pro-Mark Mike Portnoy model. Then my hands started developing pain because those sticks are so damn thin! :)

Currently I'm using (and loving) the Vic Firth 55A model. In between 5A and 5B... perfectly sized.


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Right now, I'm playing the Pro Mark TXAW5A or something... 5A's. But I think I'm going back to the sticks I had before these, the 3AL.


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After playin 2 years with AHEAD 5b sticks

I turned to Pro-Mark 5b sticks
they have a nice balance and the tone on a ride cymbal is just amazing
warm and not to loud


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I use vater morgan rose's alien freaks and vater 2B wood tips, I like to play sticks backwards(butt out) so the alien freaks were cool, but I cant wait to try his new sticks, The Whipplash, they should be cool too.


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Vic Firth American Metal Nylon...
They used to be called Rock Crushers but I guess their marketing dept wanted to spice things up.....