What is the worst thing that has happened to you on stage!


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What is the worst thing that has happened to you on stage! My would be... I was play a show one night at our local Rock venue. We were 2 songs into our set when my monotor blowed up! It was so loud it busted my left eardrum, the rest of the set I could bearly hear anything, I even but my inears in with a click track so I could stay on time because my hearing was so bad I could hardly stay on time. NOTE: I never play with a click track live, never hade to. I have always hade great timeing, so for me to put a click track on live realy ment I could not hear shit. the next day at the doctors, he said I was lucky I did not lose my hearing in my left ear.


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I thing mine would be

totally wracking a drum kit durin a live show

here is the story

Normally i play on my own set, I need strong hardware that stands... but for this gig i couldnt use mine

The first song, I hit the floor Tom, it jumps up, off his legs, and on the ground...

next thing, The toms rolled of the kick drum...
the beater flew out of the kick pedal...

it was a nightmare...


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Rockaflodge":2w74ighh said:
Thats a good one, neber done that before.
I hope you never expirence it dude... it was worse
also, it was the last time i was not playing on my own set


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I'd have to say that the worst thing that's happened to me on stage was when I was in a blues band several years ago, and between sets, the lead guitarist and singer liked to go out and get high between sets. I didn't really care until the singer started forgetting lyrics and just started laughing. the guitarist was messing up too, and he'd crack up laughing as well. The second time this happened, in the same night, the keyboardist, bass player and I all just looked at each other, and stopped playing. I stood up in the middle of the song and started breaking down my kit. The other two did the same with their gear, and we all three quit that band on stage. We apologized to the audience, the club owner, and we left. Humiliated. I've not spoken to either of the two potheads since.

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Well I was playing at a small bar and the place was packed. I dont think they could have fit anyone else on the dance floor. We were about half way through a song and my throne broke and I hit the floor... HARD!!! My floor tom went fling across the stag taking a cymble stand with it. The other guys in the band started laughing so hard we had to take a break enven though I was able to get the seat to work in seconds. Even worse the entire bar knew who I was that night because they all laughed just as hard as my friends in the band. Looking back it was extremely funny. Definetly one for the books to remember.....LMFAO!!!!! :oops:


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Well you see, I was playing one of my songs, but then I got tired and shot people in the audience.

Quite amusing I'd say.
I've never really had a bad experience with drums apart from hitting myself in the eye with half a broken stick during our fastest song. I couldn't see anything and the blurriness gave me a sudden migrane.

MY worst experience ever was when I was playing guitar and i snapped 2 strings in about 10 seconds and then later on in that gig i tripped over the vocalist's mic wire and broke my nose and my jaw.