What is the point of triggers?

I've been looking at some, but I'm not entirely sure what they are for? I have a small idea, but I wanna make sure before I invest in any. Any help is appriciated, Thank you


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First of all, can you get rid of that obnoxious signature? Just make it smaller is all? PLease, thank you. Anywho, triggers are very basic things. A trigger is a sensor that, when recieving a signal I.E; striking a drum mounted with the sensor on it, sends a signal to an electronic drum module which plays a sample embedded within the module.

It's like striking an electric drum. The benefits are; increased sensitivity and distinction between strikes when playing at high speeds, much much louder at venues and really kill the audience (people will FEEL your drums through a loud and strong PA), and it makes recording much much easier because you dont have to fight with dynamics.

What you need is:
A trigger
1/4 Cable or XLR??
Drum Module (yamaha dtxpress, roland td's, Alesis etc)
PA to put it out of

Unless your using 2 bassdrums, the only way to trigger a single kick with a double pedal is to either A. Muffle the crapola outta ur kick and play with the module until the settings are controlled or B Use Axis E-kit triggers (note, they only work on axis pedals).