What is the best Drum n Bass snare?


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What do you think would make the best Drum and bass alternate snare?
Has anyone used the Sonor Jungle Snare? Better quality than a Pork Pie 10" or like product?


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and there you have it. :wink:

basically, I like using a snare with a lot of ring when I'm playing dnb-type beats. Higher in pitch. I don't own any "popcorn" type drums, but I find that my 5x14 luddys work really well.

usually, if I'm playing music of this sort, it's on an electronic kit. one kit that we've set up has 3 of the same snare drum sample pitched differently (basically, I took the amen break, sliced it apart into single hits, and laid those out over the pads).


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a metal piccolo with a coated diplomat tuned high with lots of snare response is pretty much the perfect drum n bass setup. As far as i'm concerned anyway.


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There are so many different snare drum sounds in drum n bass... You can either hear a fat sound or a high pitched sound and everything in between. I would suggest two snares - one for your fat snare sound @ 14 x 5+ along with a secondary snare of 10'', 12'' or 13'' - depending on the tuning. I do this when playing DnB on an acoustic kit or with an electronic kit...

If you're looking for one snare to cover it all, I personally find my Akira Jimbo snare is great for DnB because it sounds rather unique and I can play more towards the edge for higher-pitched notes. It's also what was intended for this snare on a certain level... I find 13'' snares can be rather versatile, but the saying ''jack of all trades - master of none'' can also be true in this regard...