What is my kit worth? (not a showoff thread)


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I bought a full kit 3.5 years ago from Guitar Center. Since I was a beginner (and still am, pretty much) I went for the in-store "Sound Percussion" brand. The original kit was bought new and the 5 pieces, without the hardware was $399, I think. Anyway, after some odds and ends, (hardware, cymbals, etc) I paid exactly $700 for my kit.

My question is: how much would the original 5 piece kit be worth, without the hardware or cymbals?

The reason I ask is that I want to sell it off and upgrade to better drums now that I have funds for a better kit, plus I'd use whatever I sold it for to add to the funds. It's in perfect condition, only ever used for practicing at home, never used in shows, never transported, dusted weekly, and kept away from kids. For all intents and purposes, the kit is still 'new'. I don't want to put it on craigslist for this crazy amount and never sell it, but I also don't want to end up selling it for $20, know what I mean?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!