What hoops do you prefer?


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What hoops do you prefer on your drums? Die-cast, 2,3 SuperHoops, wooden or maybe 1,6mm? :) Why? :)


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I prefer Super Hoops. I do a lot of rim shots on the snare and toms and the Super Hoops keep up with the abuse. Die casts choke the sound to much and create too sharp an angle to hit the drum.


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I prefer triple-flanged hoops. They are very malleable and sound good.

I'm probably the most boring drummer as far as gear goes.....my only piece of exotica is a Dunnett 6.5x13 Titanium snare drum. Other than that, I play a silly little 4pc kit. 2 crashes, a ride, a set of hats, and (gasp) a china, not even turned upside down. Oh the shame.....


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and (gasp) a china, not even turned upside down. Oh the shame.....[/quote] LOL!!

I like triple flange hoops as well. I had an Ayotte set with wood hoops, and although I liked the sound and look, they weren't very hardy. I like to do lots of rim shots on the toms and after awhile the hoops began to wear away.


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I also like superhoops it's a nice tradeoff between diecast which I think choke the sound too much and triple flange.
I wish they still made the old Slingerland hoops which had the flange that bowed in a little.
I also love wood hoops especialy on a snare.


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I like triple-flanged hoops on toms and depending on the drum, die-cast hoops on snare drums.


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I prefer Diecast for a more focused sound. I do also like the flanged hoops for a more open ringy sound as well. Wood hoops give a really cool vibe. Depends on my mood.