what heads are good for all around drumming?


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the kit im playing on is a FS series PDP...
i've got my 10" tom on the left above the bass drum, my 12" is down below next to my right leg where my floor tom used to be and its suspended. and my 14" floor tom is moved over suspended as well..(so it looks like two floor toms)

I have a B8 sabian ride that hangs over the bass drum as well, AAXeplosion 16 and 18" crash, one on each side. and a HHX 10" china

so because I play alot of different styles of music, what kinda of heads would you recommend for a drummer that does an all around thing?
Im familiar with J.A.W. tuning and other types of tuning heads...but I wanted to know whats your opinion on heads and what would you recommending me getting...


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It really depends on the sound that you want. Decide what sound you want, then look around in this forum and I'm sure you'll find some answers.