what happened to my thread


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what happened to big blue grows in the show us yur kit section its gone! it was there last night, what gives


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not if its gonna get the axe again.

big blue has been gone for months. I wasnt happy with the setup. and I had a project I was working on. so I downsized to a 2 up 2 down 6 pc for portability

I'm thinking about builing a NEW big blue from the ground up. I just have to figure out what I want to do as far as the setup goes


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are you like rich or something?

haha if i can ask....

cause i'm not even close to my ideal set up
i work 6 days a week, 50+ hours
and i'm still like i said not even close

hahaha aww :cry:


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Dude...your kit was the reason I joined DML. I surfed my way into the thread about your huge kit by doing a google image search for "drums" becasue I was searching for a decent picture of a drum set to use as my desktop background. That and then Greg did something on myspace and I remembered this forum so I joined. I thought to myself, this kit is badass.

I think we should lobby to "Bring back BIG BLUE!"

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the progression of that bad boy. One word: awesomeness...