What grip do you play with?

What grip do you play with?

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Tell us which grip U use and why :)
I play both traditional and matched in all positions. I use traditional when:
- I don't crash so often with my weaker hand
- I play a lot of ghost notes
- I don't play on the hi-hat with my weaker hand
I use matched:
-When playing something heavy ( ie. hard rock, metal)
-When I play a lot of hi-hat with my weaker hand(16th notes, open handed).

I also won't go with traditional if I have a lot of toms set up. Just don't feel very comfortable.


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Generally, I play match grip but not so long ago I've started using traditional in my right hand - just to have some fun, different feeling & to train my wrist.


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I play match grip(especially the German grip), cause I'm weak in traditional. I'd like to play more in traditional, so I'm practising it


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I play both Grips since i have to use them both 24/7 but mostly Match when im on set, But i have to traditonal when i march , but i march tenors so i dont really do the whole traditional thing ne more cause you play match on them to


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I've marked traditional as it is the grip I'm trying to practice but I'm still very lame at it.
Oh well... practice makes perfect.


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i started with traditional, but went to matched when I started playing a set 15 yrs ago. I was in the marching band and concert band in middle and high school...those were the days... :oops:


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Does anyone play a drum solo and switch in the middle of it back and forth between traditional and matched??? If not try it, it can lead to doing some cool shit.
Typically I play with matched grip just because it's how I learned and I get more power, but when I'm playing with my jazz combo I usually use traditional. I think it's fun to challenge myself, and it seems to suit the setting better.


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I play matched. I know people still play traditional just because they want to or they learned that way. but i think that matched is more adaptable to playing most percussion instruments, and therefore makes way more sense than playing traditional. the only reason traditional started is because the snare would tilt to one side when they marched with the drums. just a thought.. :idea: ..would the traditional hand be on the right hand if the old marching drummers wore the strap on the other shoulder? interesting thought.


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I play both, I tend to get bored playing a certain grip, so i just swap over! but saying that, it also depends on what style of music i'm playing!


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I play most rock with a matched grip, but for jazz, blues, orchestral and just about everything else I play traditional.

Jazz just feels "funny" with a matched grip. (and sounds different too)


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I went to traditional because I thought it was kool about 20 years ago and haven't really used matched anymore. The main reason was I could do trips easier with my left.


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I personally love traditional grip. Although I have played matched almost my entire life I find that it completely changes your perspective on the kit when you change grips. :)


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Well, I use matched generally when playing rock or jazz. With slower jazz standards I may switch. Of course most drummers switch to a french grip in the right hand when playing ride or maybe even hihats.

I use french for timpani. Even though that seems a little irrelevant to the current conversation.