What drummer(s) made you want to start playing drums?


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i wasn't really influenced by drummers to become a drummer, i became a drummer so i could play with my brother who played guitar


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i had never considered playing an instrument till my sons first put on a metallica cd. After a bottle of wine I announced that I was going to play drums like that man(in my dreams!!!) got a drum kit and a teacher and 6 years later i am in a covers band gigging monthly in London---not metallica though, more current and easier stuff like greenday and arctic monkies


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my friend got me started mostly
but it was also myself
ive been wanting to learn an instrument but everybody in my town is either a guitarist or learning and i just wanted to be a little different

dave lynch

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Ummm being an older cat I can say that it was Ringo Star and then Buddy Rich..Tho I didn't really start playing untill I was in my late teens..Then of course John Bonham..!!


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Myself... Since the first time I saw a drum set when I was 5.... I've wanted to play drums ever since.

But drummers I really admire are Mike Portnoy, from Liquid Tension Experiment/Dream Theater, and Travis Barker from Blink 182, there is more, but those two are the ones I admire the most!


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My uncle got me my first kit when I was 3, so he's who made me want to play drums. But the drummers that influence to me to play how I do are John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Chick Webb, Clyde Stubblefield, John Starks, Abe Cunningham, Chris Hornbrook and Chris Adler.