What drumheads do you like to use?


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I'm wondering what drumheads everyone uses?

I personally can't decide between Remo and Evans. Remo has Fiberskyns, which i love, but Evans has better coated heads i think.

What Ya'll think??


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I'm an Attack guy myself, using the 2-ply clear with Tone Ring on the toms and kick, and the 2-ply coated on the snare.

But...I have been rather taken by the Evans ST Dry head, a wonderful piece of engineering with small venting holes around the edge of the head for a dryer snare sound. I have one on my standard snare, a 61/2 x 14 Yamaha Steel snare, and I love it.


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I personally am an Evans guy....i love my EC2's and EMAD's...when i get new heads im probably going to try the G2 Coateds and EQ3

Plus...i agree with Screamkevin on the ST Dry


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yeah I do evans. Coated g2s on my toms and an st dry on the snare and an emad for the bass. I really don't like remo's, the take too long to tune and i just can't get the right feel from them.


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I tried a set of Aquarian response 2 coated and I HATED THEM, I used to use Evans G2, so I purchased them again, put them on, seated them, and it took about 10 sec to tune them, and they sound amazing, it has been about 3 wks and I still have not had to adjust the tuning, I LOVE THESE HEAD.



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I'm personally a REMO fan, i use coated Emperors on all of my toms and the CS Controlled Sound head on my Snare, although i may switch my snare head to a coated ambassador or emperor


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I've only been drumming for a little over a year, so I am still searching for the "perfect" heads for my kit and playing style (mostly acoustic pop). Fiberskyns look cool and are neat for brushes, but I hate trying to tune them. They are super finicky, in my experience. Currently, I have the remo renaissance heads (ambassadors on toms, powerstroke on snare) on, except for the kick, which is still fiberskyns. I put an evans strata (700) on my auxiliary snare, and really like it, so I've ordered some for my main kit, too. We'll see how they compare to the renaissance heads.


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i use remo's powerstoke four head on all my drums 'cept for snare. they get a ton of attack with almost no overtones. then i got a remo ambassador coated on my snare. i like the high pitched crack. used a powerstoke three on my snare and it just sounded like ass. haha


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I have tried lots of heads, but my current setup is:

Kick - Aquarian Super Kick II (switched from Emad) I thought the Emad was an awesome head, but the SKII punches like a cannon!
Toms - Aquarian Response2 coated (switched from Evans G2 coated) - if you like the warmth and lower tone of coated heads and don't like using dampening rings or moon-gels, these head ROCK!
Snare - Evans Genera Dry (on my 13" Pork Pie) and Aquarian Hi-Energy (on my 14" Mapex). Both of these snare heads are great.

I am also a fan of the Evans EC2's (I have one on my practice kits 18" floor tom and it performs wonderfully).

Head choice is tough (just like cymbal choice)... everyones opinion of what sounds "right" is different. Just try all the heads you can and play what sounds/feels right to YOU!

Naomi McFadyen

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I use REMO pinstripes....
My teacher always recommended these as the best but I had heard of Evans before and wondered which REALLY was the best and whether trying out both would substantially change the sound... looking at some of your kits, there are a number of people who use Evans and its making me curious as to what they would be like on my kit........


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I like Evans g2 clear on toms but they're not very durable in my opinion. Although they do sound great "right out of the box", they have a tendency to get a dimple right in the center. I use Remo coated Emperors on my rack toms and a remo coated Powerstroke on my floor tom...it give my 14" a super nice low end without losing attack, plus they're very durable. On the bass drum I'm currently using an Aquarian Super Kick II which is awesome, but a Evans EQ4 coated is great too

Rob Crisp

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No question for me EC2's on top of the toms, either G1 or G2 on bottom depending... Snare right now is the Power Centre Rev. dot and Hazy 300 res, EMAD on the bass.