What drum head are you using (live and/or recording)?

What drum heads are you using?

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What Drum Heads are you using? Post what kind.

aka: Emperor (Remo) or EMAD (Evans)

I use Remo Pinstripe (2-ply) on the toms and will be using an Emperor X dot snare head. I currently have an Evans head on my snare.


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I actually have a mix of both Remo and Evans right now. On my snare I have a Remo Coated Ambassador on the batter side. On my kick I have an Evans EMAD and on my toms I have Evans clear G2's.


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I use a mix od Remo(pinstripes on toms), Evans(genera dry on snare) and Attack(no overtone clear 1-ply on kick drum) heads but Evans is the one I like most


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For studio use in jazz I'd go with J1 on tops and G1's on bottoms on all drums. In rock etc I'd go with either clear or coated G2's, Emads on the kick and Power Center on the snare.
For live situations jazzy stuff remains the same, though I love the sound I get from G1/G1 combination on the toms for other situations.


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I like Attack because it sounds just as good as Remo, Evans and Aquarian but it's much cheaper at the same time


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I currently have Attacks on my 22" kick and it sounds great. Gotta check out these heads for the toms.


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I've always used and always will be a Remo lover.My main snare head choices are Coated Emporer or Ebony Pinstripe.On my toms clear emporer or ebony pinstripe.Bass drum is usually clear pinstripe.I've tried a few Evans and they didn't fit my style or my sound.


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I like the Evans Hydraulic Blue for Tom"s and EMAD for the bass and ST Dry for snare

had a set of the Hydraulic's on my last set and it livened it up alot its what Im buying here in a cupple of days for my current set.

AND THERE CLEAR BLUE! what could be cooler? (its my fav color :D )


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I use a combo of everything, Coated Ambassador or coated cs white underdot for the snare. Aquarian Regulator or Evans Emad for the bass drum and Evans G1 or G2s coated or clear, just depends on my mood I guess.
I used to love the Aquarian double thin but they dont make them anymore.

Johnny Cat

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I use clear Emperors on the tops of the my toms, clear Ambassadors on the bottoms, coated Ambassador on the snare, Powerstroke 3 on the kick. I know, pretty typical, but I love the sound and haven't had any desire to change it, studio or live.


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I've got lots of different heads across a wide range of drums. For drumkits I only use Remo. I like clear pinstrips on the kick batter with an Ambassador resonant head.

Snare drum choice depends on the drum. On my 6 X 14" Sonor Artist cottonwood I prefer a fibreskin batter and a Diplomat reso'.

On my Sonor Artist brass 5 X 14" I prefer a coated CS black dot with a Diplomat reso'.

My Sonor Delite 4.4 X 14" maple gets the same combination.

Stainless steel snares get the same, but depending on the drum may get an Ambassador reso'.

Toms get a choice between clear Emperors or coated Ambassadors with clear Ambassador reso's.

Timbales have a coated Emperor on the hembra and a clear Diplomat on the macho.

Timbalitos have a clear Ambassador on the hembra and a clear Diplomat on the macho.

Roto toms always have clear Ambassadors.

My congas, bongos and bata have the original calf skin heads.

Repique de maos have clear Diplomats.

Zabumbas have black Pinstripes on the batter and clear Diplomats on the reso'. The Pinstripe is then muffled using gaffers tape.

Repiniques have clear Ambassadors top and bottom.

Tambourines have either natural or Fibreskin heads depending on the drum.

Pandeiros have either Brazilian made plastic reflective flag heads or goat skin.

Tamborims have the choice of Raul clear single ply or goat skin heads.

Surdos have coated Ambassadors on the batter and clear Diplomats on the reso'.

Cuicas have Raul white single ply heads.

Djembes have goat skin heads.

Timbaus have clear Diplomats and white Raul single ply heads.


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G1's bottom
G2's top

hazy 300 bottom snare
power center top

and havent bothered with changing my heads on my bass so have the heads that came with it.


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Guys, seriously. They are the cheapest AND they sound the best. They won't seperate from the hoop. They even give me discounted heads! What's not to love?!?!?! There's just no reason not to try them. You don't have to break them in to get them to sit correctly on the bearing edge. They are less durable, I will say that. But all you need is a lighter.

If you have pitting or dents in your heads, tilt them upside down on your lap and wave a lit lighter close to the dents for a few seconds and then retune the head after cooling. The dents flatten and the head sounds brand new. This procedure can be repeated. It begins to lose its effectivness after the 3rd or 4th time.

This is what I recommend you try:

Snare: Coated One Ply Medium w/bottum dot and Coated Thin Skin II for the hard hitters, Snare Side Thin for the bottum (with Puresound wires, the best)

Toms: Clear Thin Skin II (this head is a must try) and Clear Thin Skin I for the bottum

Kick: Clear No Overtone and Black No Overtone Ported on front (very little muffling if any)