What do you think???


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Hi guys, farely new on here...

I've had a good response to my kit when we've played live over the past year so I was wondering what you guys think.

I customised them themself so I'd like an honest opinion.



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That's awesome, the minute i saw the Dragons I thought "I wonder if he's from Wales". Where abouts in North Wales are ya? I'm studying at Bangor uni at the moment.


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Hey cheers guys, really cheered me up...

Brief rundown to answer the how question.

I bought a really cheap pearl export off eBay as a practice kit and thought I'd try my hand at customising them so I took all the hardware off and stripped off the wrap.

Then I plugged the tom arm holes and sanded them down. I then sprayed them with car paint from Halfords (3 coats of primer and 5 coats of matt black).

Next I got a sign writer to cut out the design at the right size on some silver sticky plastic stuff (the stuff they put on vehicles), stuck them on and sprayed 5 thin coats of clear laquer over the top.

I had all the hardware powder coated matt black and bought some optimounts. Put them all together and voila!

Doing this really made these old export drums sound awesome too, I don't know why but they really kick ass now. I just need to learn how to play! :oops:

Cheers again guys.