What do you play?


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i play rock, acousic, alternative. Alot of stuff i play is just funky. I play alot on roto-toms and i try to steer clear from basic rock beat and such because my bands trying to sound diffrent? I guess?
I in 2 prog/metal bands so i guess i enjoy playin that particular style most. I also enjoy playing funk/rap/r n b stuff too.

I love the technical side of prog metal and the heaviness.
With the funk rap rnb stuff i enjoy the somewhat expressive nature of the music. I jus really feel the music most in that particular style.


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I mostly play rock and grunge. These kinds of music are really close to me, I enjoy playing them - that's why I do it! I also play a bit of funk just for fun!


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i like to play fast songs,i.e. nofx....but i think i have the most fun with funk/progressive rock/ska/jazz.....ie,bitches brew by miles davis,secret world live by peter gabriel(manu katche on the drums and tony levin on bass....damn)s,skankin pickle,maybe some mars volta to boot.....it keeps me on my toes


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currently I'm in a band that plays all kind of jamaican crap ;) - reggae, dancehall etc... but given the fact that all band members (except the vocalists) are open-minded we often jam with funk, drum'n'bass, jazz and other cool groovy stuff :)
also I very much enjoy playing along to rock tracks :)


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Currently playing in a harcore punk band but we've only got one gig left as i called it a day because i wanted to concentrate on my ever growing side project - which is classic rock, heavy metal, hair metal, glam metal - call it what you want - its balls to the walls good times hard rock haha!


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I have been in 7 bands all have been really different in styles. First band played pop music. The next band played metal. Third band played Ska & Reggae. After That was a punk band. Then I played in a rock experimental band with two bass players. Now I'm in a rock band that has a hint of funk to it.


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Currently I'm playing with Metalcore subjugators Before the Reign in Denver Colorado. I also have a side project called Synesthesia that leans more towards the Experimental side of metal (see Zero Hour and Candiria).

Really though, I agree with the previous statement, anyone who doesnt play all styles is missing out. Look at Derek Roddy, that fool can play damned near anything. I find for a lot of agressive drummers, the best thing you can do is train yourself in Jazz, and also rudimentary practice never hurt any1. The whole point is to make everything strong, all your playstyles and all FIVE of your limbs (including the noggin' ;P).

Either way, good drummers with good playstyle = Nick Barker, Mike Justain, Derek Roddy, Morgan Rose, Reno (from Panzer Christ)


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I Agree with Rob. To limit myself would take away the search for improvement and enjoyment. However the Band I'vr been playing with has been together for over thirty years now so my style basicly is a cross between the sounds of the Allman Bros, Santana, Johnny Winters Robin Trower, Frank Marino, The Dixie Dregs (Love Rod Morganstien) Blues and lite Jazz. But I am most like Mr. Bonham when given the chance. 8) [/b]


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i used to play in a metalcore band.i prefer to play hardcore tunes.so... for now i play with a hardcore band and i love it!!
secondary i join in a band playing more of alternative hardcore sounds and that is (i think) the point of me...


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I like playing in Hard Rock bands, Kind of a mix between Tool and Trapt. I used to be in a Punk band, but I got out because It was all the same.


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i tend to play a lot of light stuff just about everytime i get behind my set i can play a lot of hard stuff fast fills and all that but when i do get done playing that i use cross-sticking and work on foot techniques but mostly i play worship music at my church a lot of metal screamo hardcore post hardcore but i dabble into death metal and use blast beats a little but my fav is groove and a fusion jazz feel dennis chambers is currently one of my idols
althought i play in a melodic metal band, when im by myself jamming, i play kind of all genres mushed into one. i try to use every part of my set as much as i can, and really push myself, and its a really cool blend of everything.