What do you play on?

What do you play?

  • Ludwig

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  • DW

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  • Tama

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  • Pearl

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  • Pacific

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  • Mapex

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  • Yamaha

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  • ddrum

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New member
Forgot Sonor, and on this forum you should include Medicine Man. Right now I have Sonor and Mapex, in a week they will be collecting dust in the corner when I set up my monster diamond plate Medicine Man kit! :twisted:


New member
a mish mash of 2nd hand pearl toms from 2 different kits, bass drum from my brothers beginner kit, bongo from bali and a home made snare.... whats that come under again?


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Currently I own and use the following.............
Bass and Toms
DW, Rogers, Ludwig (super classic, Vistalite), Gretsch RB.

DW, Ludwig, (D-beat, 400, 402, Acro, Vista) Slingerland RK, Yamaha Abso Noveau, Hayman, Pearl Masterworks, Mapex.

Sabian and a few Zildjians

Vic Firth