What do you do for a living?


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I'm a submariner in the U.S. Navy, but only for 2 more months! I'll be finishing 9.5 years of service this November.

So....umm.....anyone need a system administrator / web designer guy for their company? :D


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I spent 12 years as an electronics technician. I currently build drums for Medicine Man Custom Drums and I'm about to finish up my Bachelors degree in Video Game Design.


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I have a BA in english language teaching and I should be teaching in high school but since I don't really feel like a teacher I am currently unemployed :| so what I do to make money is design websites, posters etc but mainly I play drums :)
it's not yet a job... but I hope that soon... :)
Ha ha i have the best job out of everyone on this forum...Im a blockbuster boy.You know the dudes who serve u at the counter?
Yeh thats me :lol:
So yeh beat that


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I'm unemployed at the moment, and looking for a career change after losing my job of 10 years in broadcasting.

So I guess I'm a drummer for now, LOL! :lol:


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I'm studying English, writing articles for a drum magazine and hopelessly trying to find some students to teach drumming :(

Rob the Drummer

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I play drums for a living. Do about 24 shows a month and make a pretty good living at it too! :D I used to teach drumlines and stuff and work with juvenile delinquents. I have a degree in Criminal Justice, but I don't wanna do that, I just wanna play. :D


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I have been learning in secondary school :) Anyway I have been training Taekwondo for 11 years ,I have degree masterly :p first dan :) I have done instructor and in the future I'm going to work as coach :)


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im working on my last year of high school. after this i plan on going to college to study mechanical engineering.

as far as a job, the only ive ever held was a summer job as an electrician building houses. pretty cool to do at 16 but its not what im looking to do with my life.


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Drummer mostly, live and sessions that tend to be classic rock/metal, occasional indie/pop, partner in a small custom drum company that also deals in vintage Premier supplies, occasional record producer, occasional writer of drum related articles and very occasional agency truck driver when there's nothing on TV. Just finished a UK tour as Thomas Lang's drum tech.

I really want to be a full time breast inspector.


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I've just finished my high school and going to study Law at the university.
During this summer, I was a volunteer in France and I still work as a security service in a shopping gallery in my city.