what do YALL use gaffa tape for?


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It keeps singer's mouths shut for the 8 hour trip to the next town

I like the white gaff for labeling purposes
When you have lots of electronics, it makes a very good labeling surface for anything
I especially like using it on my cables
It's expensive but I got a box full of half used rolls for free
Gaff is much more managable than "duck" tape
It has a less reflective surface and the sticky part leaves behind less of a residue (which often dries to a powder in the good sh!t)
Plus, it tears very easily in the hands


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ccrdrums":3ivoxs38 said:
id like to know what everyone uses gaffa tape for

Gatta tape is a must ,for gigs

You can use it to damp your drums
Rap ur the cable
Stick the cables to the floor so people don't trip over them
and can be used to tie your guitar strap to your guitar.

also white tape is good for labeling the mixing desk.


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for sure, that shit is vital.
i use it to dampen my drums.
our singer uses it to tape up his XLR.
we use it to label our merch.
good stuff.


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ccrdrums":38hwfk2a said:
id like to know what everyone uses gaffa tape for
I use it for everything!

It's great for bondage, humiliation, getting the little woman to shut up, keeping the kids in "time out", Women can use it for a cheap bikini wax... you name it... the stuff is MAGIC!