What cymbal company would want to get sponsored too?

I'm at a toss up between Zildjian and Sabian.

I like Zildjian better but right now I have a mix of Zildjian and Sabian cymbals on my kit and I like all of them except the B8 crash.

But I'm curious what other people would want to be sponsored by.


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Haha, that's first choice of course, but as far as cymbals, anyone really. I use mostly Sabian just because I like them, but I wouldn't turn down ANY kind of endorsement.


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Most companies shy away from people who'll play any brand as long as they get a break on price. They want to know that you actually like their product.

Me, I'd have to say Sabian since I'm very happy with my cymbals. Some day I'll play some Saludas, but until then I'm a Sabian guy.

break the prism

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zildjian or paiste. i just love their cymbals.

all of my idols played zildjian. elvin jones, mitch mitchell, gavin harrison, steve gadd, matt cameron.

but i hear the paiste giant beat series and felt like i was cheating on my Ks.

Call me Gideon

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I've been a Sabian guy for a long time so they'd probably be my first pick but I've begun to be interested in Saluda and Meinl too so if either of them apporached me I'd jump on the chance.


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i'd say Meinl or Paiste. Meinl hold up well (to me) they sound good, and i've been using them since i started drumming.
As for Paiste, they sound good, and Danny Carey uses them haha.


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Obviously Zildjian, but I would be tempted by any offer. But like Sg alluded to, companies like fans of their gear. I bought my first Zildjian 20 yrs. ago. and have stuck with them the whole way. I do have one Sabian(private sale). I thought I'd try one. Nice cymbal.


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Saluda. These Saludas sound far better than anything in the price range, by far. The only cymbal I've ever heard in person that I would rather have is my friend's Zildjian K Dry Ride. That thing is sweet. But for all around cymbal usage, definitely Saluda.